Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday feature: Big Girl. Small Budget. Tiny Town.

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Meet Vanessa from Big Girl. Small Budget. Tiny Town

I found Vanessa's blog a day or so ago and it has quickly become a favorite of mine.  Not only does Vanessa have great fashion sense, she is also a sister cyclist.
Ive read through some of the past entries and honestly she never pictured herself wearing an outfit I didn't like, I wish I had a tenth of that kind of fashion six sense.

The other thing I love about her blog is that is she has remixed a article of clothing she will mention it and have a link so you can see how she did it too.  For those of us with a limited wardrobe that is a great thing too.

Honestly with most blogs I can guess a general age range of the blogger by their photos but with Vanessa I can't tell is she is in her 20's, 30's, close to my age or ageless.  Her style will work for almost everyone in my opinion

You can check out her blog at Big Girl. Small Budget. Tiny Town


Vanessa said...

Oh, thanks for the nice mention on your blog! I appreciate your kind words. (I put a link to the post on my site already).
Have a great weekend,

oh, and ps. I'm 31! (So glad I look like I could be in my 20s!)

Rebecca said...

I just "found" Vanessa, too! And I agree with every observation you made about her!


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