Friday, November 19, 2010

Brrr! Cold Weather Clothes

This post is mainly geared for those that live in very cold places during the winter.Because that is the type of place I live in and now its very cold here too.

Base Layers:  I would only wear these in -30 Celsius or colder days/nights. While I don't like being too hot I also do NOT want to underdress on certain days either

These base layers are from Land's End and go up to a 3X ...The bottoms and of the tops is also a silk blend which is really warm.  I think even WinterSilks makes plus size base layers too. Yes I am ordering some soon too.

Coats: Also while I want to look nice and stylish, honestly, I want to stay warm when I"m outside.

Also from Land's End.  I think the temperature rating on this is -25 Fahrenheit but you might want to check.  I usually dont care for down as it can make one look "poofy" which isn't a good look for me..but this doesn't look too bad and the tie at the waist kinda creates the illusion of a waist (which I for sure need)

For milder winter days I prefer a wool coat and a scarf with a hat. This year though I'm also going to invest in a nice pair of earmuff type things as I just don't have  a hat head lol  

Scarves, Gloves, Keep your ears warm

Sorry I'm not trying to make this a post just about Land's End but truth be told they are one of my top "go to" places for cold weather dressing.   (the gloves pictures are silk glove liners ..a very good layer pieces especially if you wear gloves you love but aren't the best insulating)

Etc....  Dont forget to moisturize and wear lip balm either!! Alberta gets very cold and very dry winters and unless you want to end up with snakeskin that you can turn into a bag or shoes  keep your all your bases covered.  Vaseline also makes this new lotion that is one of my favorites

My favorite hand cream

And don't forget you hair either.  I like to do a deep moisturize on my hair every few weeks during the winter. 

Add your favorite pair of winter boots and your set to stay warm and still look great:)

I'm sure I'm probably missing something but this was intended to be a good basics guide and hopefully you will add your own Winter Essentials to stay warm & stylish.

Much Love & Happy Living!!

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