Monday, November 22, 2010

How would you pair this skirt?

I'm buying this skirt on eBay
Im not really sure what to pair it with.  Its brown, blue, tan and black so I was thinking this layering pieces

And either black or brown boots.  What colour tights would go with?   or what else would YOU wear with the skirt???

Much Love & Happy Living!

Edited to Add:

I'm thinking of these heeled booties as a sometime alternate with the skirt and tall boots...this way I have more options to either dress it up or down

With either would I match the hosiery to the shoes/boots, top or skirt?  


Vanessa said...

I think a rich maroon sweater a thick gray tights would look lovely. I also like the tops you picked out. Layering seems like the way to go!

Sassy Crazy Fiona said...

oh that is a good idea too...You have me inspired but I even have a tenth of your colour coordination sense lol



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